Special Thanks

Mrs. A.S., Poe's Cousin
Mrs. Antoinette Smith Suiter, Poe's Cousin, has been a great supporter of our work and has provided us access to her home, her private and extensive cache of Poe family memorabilia, as well as providing introductions to the staff of the Poe Museum & Foundation, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Suiter's personal testimony and unknown portraits from her collection will be presented in the book, Unknown Portraits of Edgar Allan Poe and Virginia Poe. All the photos of "Unknown Poe Family" are from the private collection of Mrs. Suiter. Clearly, the Poe-Herring family women have continued being lovely and photogenic! Mrs. Suiter's photograph is reprinted in the book. The resemblance between Antoinette Suiter and her cousin, Virginia Poe, is astounding.

Chris Sempter, Curator, The Poe Museum, Richmond
A brilliant researcher and friend of Poe, Mr. Sempter was first to display the new painting of Virginia Poe discovered by Mrs. Suiter, as well as being first to present the "Rundell Virginia Poe" as an authentic portrait of Poe's wife. The Unknown Portraits of Edgar Allan Poe and Virginia Poe will be on display at the Poe Museum, Richmond, in time for Poe's birthday: January, 19th, 2011.

Bill Becker, Director of The American Museum of Photography
A four-time Emmy Award winning Bill Becker, has aided us in authenticating the daguerreotype we believe to be the first known likeness in photography of Virginia Poe (presentation in Unknown Portraits...)

John Fasano, Thoughts in the Margins Films, Inc.
Without the constant support and aid of this Renaissance man, the author sincerely doubts whether any of this work would ever have been brought before the public.

Mr. Jeffrey A. Savoye (Secretary/Treasurer) Poe Society, Baltimore
In addition to his work for the Poe Society, Jeffrey Savoye has presented much new work on Poe letters and marginalia. Burton Pollin and Savoye are currently collaborating on a New Edition of Poe's Letters. Jeffrey Savoye is a tireless and generous researcher and an infallible support to those who revere Poe. He has been in every way a most valuable ally.
Poe Society Baltimore

Dr. Marion Rundell, Houston, Texas
We thank Dr. Rundell, a Thomas Sully collector and owner of the "Rundell Virginia Poe" by Thomas Sully, for providing us with excellent reproductions of this painting, as well as information on its provenance. We are also grateful for being allowed to use other paintings by Sully in Rundell's fine collection on this website.

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