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Henry Herring - in this photo, seated on a carved wooden chair now in the possession of his descendant, Mrs. A.S. Poe, visited the Herring household quite frequently, as well as the home of Neilson Poe, though he abhorred both men, and the feelings were certainly mutual. However, the Herrings, the Neilson Poe's and of course, the Maria Poe-Clemm family were Poe's closest relations in Baltimore, as well as in Philadelphia, as we learn from Poe's cousin Mary Estelle's daughter, Ella Warden. Adding insult to injury, Poe's attentions to Herring's daughter, Elizabeth, in the 1820s, now turned into just as intense a concern, and most certainly bad blood between he and Poe, when in 1841, Herring and his recently widowed daughter, Poe's Cousin Mary Estelle,' moved to Philadelphia, and Mary Estelle was a frequent guest to the Poe home. Despite the fact that Poe was now married to their mutual cousin, Virginia, Herring certainly steamed that the connection between Poe and his daughter Mary again became very close in the early 1840s. We hear stories of Mary Estelle's frequent visits to the Poes, but not a word about Henry Herring ever visiting the Poes at home. Certainly, the bitterness between Poe and Henry Herring was inflamed during this Philadelphia period, and it seems that Herring, indeed, carried a grudge against Poe for the rest of their lives.
Henry Herring

Henry Herring (1791-1868)

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