Cynthia Cirile

Cynthia Cirile
Cynthia Cirile
Cynthia Cirile attended Herman Lehman College of the City University of New York. She received a Teaching Fellowship from Leslie Fiedler to study at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Cirile taught at both of her alma maters, as well as at Marymount College, New York, before moving to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter.

The author of many screenplays for 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, and many others, Cirile is currently an Emeritus Member of the Writer's Guild of America, West. Cirile's interest in Poe began when she was asked to write a screenplay about Poe's adventures at West Point. The film was never made, but Cirile's interest in Poe had been piqued.

Over the past fifteen years, Cirile has made many breakthroughs in Poe research. She has discovered over 70 "new" portraits of the Poes, to be presented for the first time in Unknown Portraits of Edgar Allan Poe and Virginia Poe. Her discovery that Virginia Poe was actually the "supermodel of her day" was first published in the Poe Museum Newsletter, under the title, Poetic Justice. Cirile has also discovered poems, as well as a "new" short story, which she believes to be the work of Edgar Allan Poe. These caches will be printed in her next book: The Influences of Edgar Allan Poe and Frances S. Osgood upon Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry James. (Synastry Press, 2011)

While the influence of Poe's writing upon the style and content of Hawthorne's work has certainly been acknowledged, and the tremendous influence of Hawthorne and his work upon the style and substance of Henry James' writing also duly acknowledged; the fact of the influence of not only the writings, but the life of Edgar Allan Poe on both writers has never really been fully investigated before. The links among these three greatest American writers are of far more delicate and intricate a weave than has ever been considered.

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