Digging Up Poe!
Edgar Allan Poe Resurrected


Dr. Bruce V. English, (deceased) President, The Poe Foundation

Dr. Jennifer Hallam

Dr. David Schmid, University of Buffalo

Carol Digel, The Darley Society (deceased)

John May, author of Poe and Fanny

Dr. William Fagelson, University of Texas, Austin

Dr. Welford D. Taylor, Chairman of The English Department, Emeritus, University of Richmond; Secretary of the Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Dr. Bruce English

Dr. Richard Kopley, Pennsylvania State University; Trustee of the Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Paul Day Clemens, Once Upon a Midnight

Dr. Robert Torchia, Professor of Art History, Lyon College

Alice Wynne Gatsis

Carol Eaton Soltis: The Peale Project

Ray and Judith Hester, The Darley Society

Leslie Wearb-Hirsch, Harry Ransom Center, U. Texas

Linda Briscoe, Harry Ransom Center, U. Texas

Barbara Brown, Conservator, Harry Ransom Center

Dr. Jean L. Silver-Isenstadt, Shameless

Mary De Jong

Orion A. Teal, Duke University

Lilace Hatayama, Duke University

Dannette Pachtner, Duke University

Mary MacDonald, Expert, James MacNeill Whistler

Dr. Constance J. Cooper, Director of Library, Historical Society of Delaware

Chris Semtner, Exhibits Manager, Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Jane Bise, Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Annette Fern, The Harvard Theatre Collection; Houghton Library, Harvard University

Charles B. Greifenstein, American Philosophical Society

Tamara Kostianovsky, Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts

Ed Chichirichi, Historical Society of Delaware

Mary E. Herbert, Associate Director for Special Collections, Maryland Historical Society

Denny Stone, Collections Manager, New York Historical Society

Jane Siegel, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University

Matt Reeder, Princeton University Libraries

Margaret Rich, Princeton University Libraries

Richard M. Parison, Jr., Walnut Street Theatre

Joel Sartorius, Free Library of Philadelphia

Lucinda Damon Bach, Salem State University

William Lang, Free Library of Philadelphia

Dr. Harry Lee Poe, President of the Poe Foundation

Laura Vetter, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA

Igor Edelman, Art Restoration Studio, Beverly Hills, CA

William Fagelson, University of Texas

Teresa Roane, Valentine Richmond History Center

Carrie Rebora Barratt, author of Queen Victoria and Thomas Sully

Park Benjamin, descendent of Park Benjamin

David Meschutt

Norman George: Trustee of the Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Alastair MacDonald: descendent of the Cooke family

Susan Jaffe Tane: Trustee of the Poe Museum, Richmond, VA

Dana Angell, Library of Virginia

Ann Southwell, Library of Virginia

Sarah Huggins, Library of Virginia

Greg Stoner, Virginia Historical Society

Charles Robinson, Executive Director of the Byron Society of America

John Clubbe, author of Byron, Sully and the Power of the Portrait

Peter Cochran, Byron scholar and editor of Hobby-O, containing a biography of Lord Byron, and the diary of John Cam Hobhouse.

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